Hand Crafted Age Blocks


We love to keep track of the age of our children as they grow and in the first year or two, it is important to know, almost to the day, how old our child is. This Age Block set is ideal for keeping track and makes for a great display for the nursery – and it can become a toy for when your child gets older.


Created using beautiful eco-wood, each of the three blocks is etched with numbers and the words “Weeks”, “Days”, “Months” and “Years”, allowing you to mix and match for any age combination. In fact you could buy a few sets and show all of the possibilities in a row. A wonderful gift for parents to be who may wish to use it to keep track of the pregnancy as well.

The set contains 3 blocks

Arrives in organza gift bag.

Block number size: 5x5x5 cm

Block with: years, days, weeks, months: 10 x 5 cm

Price: £23.00