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How to choose toys for children of different abilities and ages


When a child

What  toys will a child like

Why does a child need such toys

Can walk independently

Toys which a child can straddle and ride, push and pull, swinging toys, big balls, a trolley or a barrow

For leg strengthening, balance improvement, for discovering the thrill that speed and movement give

Stops putting things into the mouth

Sand, water, plasticine, paint applied with hands, crayons

Encourages discovery and getting to know and enjoy the feel, colour, shape. Helps to express ideas

Is able to hold small things, pass them from one hand to the other

Simple puzzles, objects of different forms, cubes for construction, plates with pins, toys which can be placed one into another, big wooden beads and strings

Encourages a child to think and solve problems, helps to learn about colours and shapes, develops coordination of the child’s hands

Starts to imitate you by doing the same as you are doing

Hats and ordinary things, which can be used for changing your appearance, real and imaginary household items, dolls and soft toy animals, toy cars, doll houses, books about people

Helps to develop a child’s imagination, creativity and social skills

Enjoys acting the role of another person

Dolls and doll houses, trains or cars, domestic animals, empty boxes and bags, kitchen utensils, clothes which could be used for changing appearance, housewares, dolls, books about people, emotions

Develops a child’s imagination, creativity, helps to develop construction skills, helps him to know how to take care of his things

With no special effort plays with a sit-on or riding toys; leg muscles are developed enough

A bike with pedals, any other vehicle , a swing made from a tyre, a throwing ring, a soft pillow for sitting on the ground, a skipping-rope

Develops balance, coordination

Recognizes shapes and colours, can hold a brush or a crayon

More complicated puzzles, small objects for sorting, memory developing games and story books, implements for painting, implements for drawing, implements for cutting and pasting, construction cubes, beads, sponge pieces, pebbles, sticks, feathers, pieces of wood

Develops finger, wrist, hand movement and skills. Encourages creativity and imagination, teaches concentration. Develops child’s memory and encourages the process of thinking, teaches relaxation

Remembers familiar songs and poems

Musical instruments, whistles, jingles, a CD player, records of poetry stories and music

Develops a sense of rhythm, helps to realize the variety of sounds, musical styles, songs