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Natural is a word that says so much. It makes you think of the purest water, the greenest trees and the bluest skies. It feels joyous and full of life and it feels safe. Above all, it feels safe.


Our name, Natural Gift Store, is an important part of explaining who we are, what we stand for and why we are here. It is as natural as nature itself and our gifts are designed to give back to communities and to be earth friendly - as well as human friendly.



Who we were


Back in 2010, we started life as the Wooden Toy Gallery. With a passion for children’s toys that were superior quality, made from natural and non-toxic wood and free from the artificial plastics that children are too often exposed to, we were very successful. Our products struck a chord with our customers who loved that they had an organic and natural toy range for their children.


Started by our founder, Laura, who had dreamed since her Lithuanian childhood, of preserving the world around her through natural products that showcased natural resources. Combined with her work as a special needs teacher, Laura was the ideal person to bring to life the vision of high quality eco-friendly toys for children.



Who we are


Over time however, we evolved. Our product line grew as we discovered more sources of incredible, high quality household items and gifts that were personalised, well made and beautiful. The time had come - and in 2017, we became Natural Gift Store.


Our ethos has never changed. We work only with sustainable wood from managed forests or we source recycled wood. Our products meet all relevant EU compliance requirements and we are proud to work with craftspeople who also take the environment seriously in the way they work. Even our packaging is recycled and free from unnecessary embellishments.


We want to retain the traditional methods of working of our Baltic States craftspeople and we support this by producing an exclusive line in this part of the world, where there is a long line of skills passed down the generations. To be a part of that process is a privilege.


We want to think big, but stay small. Our product lines grow on a daily basis, our dreams are always full of passion and larger than life - but our ambition is to offer a personalised service that sets us apart from the rest. We want to develop a wooden gift collection that will stand the test of time, improving the lives of our customers and giving them the gift of a greener and more fulfilled life.


Love, Laura 

Contact Email: sales@woodentoygallery.co.uk

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