n Natural Gift Store - Looking for beautiful, hand-crafted wooden toys? Then you've come to the right place!


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The Wooden Toy Gallery offers a range of carefully chosen hand-crafted products that encourage children's creativity and free-spirit. Our collection includes a wonderful selection of toys made from solid birch: Rocking horses, hanging swing horses, trucks, cars, planes, toys for babies, games with sticks and wheels and a unique selection of pull-along toys - a red dog, a green frog and a green crocodile, a beautiful duck and a tortoise with bricks.

We also have a selection of educational toys made from birch and elm which includes lacing activity toys, musical toys and a range of puzzles. These toys are finished with an environmentally-friendly compound of beeswax and linseed which is safe for children and comforting to touch.

Our range of natural toys is not restricted to wood. We have worked hard to create a 100% natural linen toy and gift selection. Linen is an environmentally friendly fabric - you will love our cute linen dolls, rabbits and cats which are filled with 100% natural wool. Not only do these toys look and feel natural on the outside, they are natural from the inside as well.

To encourage people to live in a more natural environment we have also expanded into Household and Decorative products - natural goods especially designed for us. Using classic colours we offer a choice of linen serviettes including a stunning rose set, table mats, wooden tea light holders of various forms and sizes decorated with natural herbs and our unique hand made kitchen coaster selection decorated with juniper and herbs. The coasters are multifunctional as you can use the reverse side of the coaster as an oak cutting board.

To give your house a romantic atmosphere and to breathe the natural aroma of honey throughout your home we also offer natural beeswax candles in various sizes.