Rainbow Stacking Puzzle


This vibrant rainbow puzzle inspires imagination through open ended, creative play and is the perfect gift for both boys and girls.

The shapes may be simple, but they can be used to create surprisingly complex structures. This versatile toy is also designed for imaginative play. The arcs can become bridges and tunnels for little cars; caves, small houses...or whatever else your child dreams up.


Each wooden block is cut and sanded by hand, so there are no sharp edges or corners.


The puzzle contains 6 pieces.

The rainbow puzzle was handmade and inspired by Waldorf and Montessori education


Please note that the mini cars are not included but can be bought separetley.

made from:

This rainbow puzzle is lovingly made by hand from sustainably harvested birch wood.

Colours used are water based non toxic child friendly paint.


The RAINBOW Stacking Puzzle measures 25.5 cm across, 15cm high and is 2.2 cm thick.

Price: £24.00