Wooden Geometric Shape and Colour Sorter

 Shape sorters are classic toddler favorites, and with good reason: They're a fun challenge.

Multi-tasking sorter with 16 shapes for counting, sorting, stacking...

Clever and colourful design for simple and versatile play time.

Shape sorter toys help the kids learn the difference between different shapes. You can further make the kids learn the name of the shapes as well, such as round, oval, square, etc.

Kids make use of their problem-solving skills in sorting out the shapes and thus develop them further.

Helping the kids learn the colors and their names too.

Shape sorter toys teach the kids the concept of cause and effect, i.e., putting a piece in its right hole will have the effect of making it fit.

Age: 2+ All finishes are non-toxic.  Children friendly water based paint.

  • Handmade in EU, The Baltic States 


Material: Top quality made from birch wood from EU sustained forest.  

Packaging: Please note that we are an eco friendly company and in order to reduce waste on our planet our toys do not come in any extra packaging. They all arrive in simply recycled boxes or envelopes ready to play!

Price: £16.00