Organic Train Baby Rattle

Children loves trains!


Carved from a single piece of wood this classic train shape rattle makes personal and unique gift for new baby or just as a wonderful keepsake


Shake up baby's playtime with a natural wooden rattle, created especially for clutching hands, teething gums and curious mind.


Our natural rattles are the perfect answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes. As bacteria cannot reproduce on wood and has natural anti-bacterial properties, this rattle is perfect for teething babies.


When your little one shakes the rattle, The hardwood rings make a gentle rattling noise - just right for stimulating baby's senses. Suitable for the higly sensitive hearing of new born babies.


This toy stimulates senses and encourages your baby or child to look, listen and touch. And as baby's imagination grows, this toy makes a fantastic wooden toy playmate.


Our organic rattles come in reusable, natural linen bags with a tag telling about the toy, how to care for it, and a bit about us. These bags make excellent carrying pouches for taking toys on-the-go, and they're simple but stylish gift packaging.


Made from:

European sustainable birch wood. Finished with food safe organic flaxseed oil so they are safe & all NATURAL!


Original design by Wooden Toy Gallery Uk. Made In the EU



H8.5 x L10.5 x D 1 cm approx

Price: £10.50

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