Discover the Wonder of Linen


We are very proud of the fact that all of our linen products are handcrafted within Europe, ensuring high quality, environmental friendliness, as well as good working conditions for the makers. 


Take a look at just a few of the reasons why linen is the healthy choice for long-lasting elegance as well as a healthier you!



o        hypoallergenic                                   

o        antibacterial

o        antistatic

o        gamma and solar radiation protector

o        high air permeability

o        dirt and stain resistant

o        extremely durable

o        long - lasting

o        ecologically-friendly




Linen, because of its natural fibres and production process, is hypoallergenic. In other words, using linen goods and playing with linen toys will help you to avoid common allergic reactions found with other fabrics, particularly synthetics. This makes it an ideal fabric for children's sensitive skin.


Linen is one of the "purest" fabrics available anywhere. Because of its incredibly strong tensile strength, linen resists not only stains and dirt, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria that are so common with fabrics that have neither the essential fibre qualities nor the fundamental weave of linen. Hospitals and
service industries around the world use linen products to assure the utmost in sterile environments. In fact, linen thread is the only suture approved for
internal use in the human body!


No more getting shocked! The negative impact of static electricity build up can't be underestimated.  Linen has anti-static properties and is especially recommended for children who are sensitive to those scary static shocks.

Gamma and Solar Radiation Protection

Linen is resistant to sun-damage.  When selecting the perfect fabric for home décor or apparel, linen is the obvious choice especially as compared to wool which has relatively poor resistance to sunlight.

High Air Permeability

Linen breathes naturally. As compared to other natural fibres and synthetics like polyester, linen offers superior breathability and comfort.

As you can see, linen is revolutionizing the way people think about their fabrics - healthier, cleaner, all-around better for you. But, its health benefits are just the beginning of its value.


Dirt and Stain Resistant

Thanks to the molecular structure of flax, linen is naturally resistant to dirt and stains.

Extremely Durable

With its high tensile strength, linen is up to three times as strong as both cotton and wool. No more worrying about everyday use - you'll pull out your linens for every occasion.

Exceptionally Long-lasting

Linen is one of the few fabrics that actually gets better with age. Softer. Smoother. More lustrous. Lasting up to 12 times as long as cotton, linens regularly pass from generation to generation and redefine the meaning of heirloom.


When you choose linen, you not only invest in the highest quality fabric, you help the environment. Linen requires five times less pesticides and fertilizers than cotton. Do your part. Buy linen.